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High Potential for Future Leaders

>> Physical, emotional, mental and intuitional intelligence – for those who want to reach their full potential, lead their lives and change the world.

“One prediction from the World Economic Forum says that four out of every five children entering school today will have jobs that do not yet exist. They cannot be prepared based on a curriculum for content that does not even exist, how do you do it?” resilience, critical thinking, the ability to organize, build and discern… the ability to “solve complex problems in climates of great uncertainty,” teamwork, overcoming frustration, and coping with change. In short, so-called soft skills “by Público

DeROSE Method taught me how to better manage my emotions. With the teachings of instructor Ana Silva, I learned to be aware of my body and mind. I started to have healthier habits, improved my diet and concentration.

Paulo Bavini


About the Maximum Potential Challenge


This is a personalized program that requires commitment and discipline. Ideal for young people and young adults – from 18 to 40 years old – who want to develop their personal and social skills to a level of excellence. Here you will enjoy a system that has been used and tested for over 60 years in specialist schools in about 10 countries and has a network of 600 consultants worldwide. We are looking for young students, high performance sportsmen, entrepreneurs and CEOS – people who want the best for themselves: freedom to build their dream life while sharing their unique talent with the world.

What is the duration and what is the value?

We will have 90 days to implement all content and follow-up sessions. There is the option of continuity of follow-up after the program. The 90-day program is valued at € 1600 *. Follow-ups will be for 100 € * in 90min sessions. Possibility of monthly payment or single payment. If you only want single sessions, instead of the 12 pack, the unit price will be 150 €.

* Add VAT to these values.

When can i start?

We’ll let you know as soon as we start the next program. Sign up for the form so we can contact you and learn more about you.

what will i learn?

The program is divided into 4 modules: physical, emotional, mental and intuitional intelligence.

Physical Intelligence I Movement and body awareness, II – Food for high performance in life, III – Prosperity.

Emotional Intelligence I – Sublimation / overcoming and reprogramming of emotions, II – Soft Skills: trust, communication, resilience, critical thinking, stress management, people management and conflict management.

Mental Intelligence I – Creation of new habits, II – Paradigms and old limiting beliefs, III – New mindset and co-creation of your reality.

Intuitional Intelligence I – Infinite Intelligence, II – Intuition as a tool of excellence, creativity and innovation.

what does it include?

All Membership Content – videos, ebooks and audios.

Daily Productivity Routine: 40 min:

# 1 Movement & Meditation: Training Maximum Potential: Practice that develops the mind, emotions, body and intuition. Breathing techniques and emotional management, body toning and flexibility, relaxation, mentalization and concentration / meditation.

# 2 Reflection – Write about your experience of implementation and transformation proposed by the program. Also write about your daily life. This will help you a lot as personal coaching and to evolve faster in follow-up sessions.

# 3 Growth – Exclusive video content about the 4 modules: physical, emotional, mental and intuitional intelligence.

Personalized Accompaniment – about 6 sessions, 60 min, individual online and / or in-person monitoring.

Group Follow-up – Group Q&A, sharing experiences.

how does the program and monitoring work?

We have limited openings for this program as follow-up is personalized and done by an expert. Fill in the form and receive all the information from the next group.

For those who start the program, you will receive daily content, requiring only 40 minutes per day: 15min video + 25 min training. The accompaniment will be individual, where I will guide your evolution through tests and exercises.


The program will be part recorded, part live, but online and you can access it at any time. For people who live in Lisbon or Porto, there is the option of accompaniment be in person.

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